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This calendar supports people who are affected by homelessness. We want to share and celebrate the talent and creativity of this truly remarkable group of artists with all of you, through this unique calendar.
One Calendar

The ONE calendar is now available for sale on-line below!  We are not charging anything extra for packing, and the postage is exacty what Royal Mail is quoting.


If you are thinking of buying a few and want to save on postage, then email us as we can arrange for a drop-off at a central London location near you, or you can pick them up at one of our partner Cafes! Details can be found here.

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According to the Charities Advisory Trust .....

Did you know that if you are thinking of buying charity Christmas cards on the high street, the Charities Advisory Trust has warned the public to look closely at the price paid and the percentage that goes to charity.


For example, their annual Scrooge Award for 2012 went to Debenhams for selling cards on behalf of the NSPCC only receives 8.33% (10% after VAT). After ten years of campaigning, generally retailers accept 10% for charity is the acceptable minimum.  You can read more on their website here.


In the case of Cafe Art's ONE calendar, we want to be transparent:

35% is for the print cost

8% for the production

Aiming for up to a whopping 57% directly to the artists and their art groups from the sale of each ONE calendar. So get yours now!

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For the first 120 calendars sold, £100 goes to each of the twelve contributing homeless artists in the calendar.


For the next 350 calendars sold, £3,500 goes to the printer.


For the next 80 calendars sold, £800 goes towards the production.


For the remaining 450 calendars, it all goes straight back to the homeless art groups.



So please support and buy ONE!!!


Where does my money go to?