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Selected London Sites

Where You Can Purchase the ONE Calendar

The following venues will be stocking the ONE Calendar from Monday 3rd Dec onwards, or earlier. Just ask the nice person behind the counter with a big, smiling face for ONE:

Alternatively, you can pick ONE up at these special events!

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to buy the ONE calendar! So you can either purchase it on-line and have it delivered to you by Royal Mail OR to save on postage costs:


i. buy it from one of the venues listed below

ii. if you work/live in central London we might be able to drop it off to you - just email us!

iii. we will be selling them at special events before Xmas - see below

iv. if you volunteer/work with one of the participating charities, we can drop them off at your offices/hostels

v. and, if none of the above works, email us and we'll find a solution somehow!

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We like to thank all the various charities who have given us opportunities to sell the ONE calendar alongside their own merchandise during their special events before Xmas, as listed below.  This list will be updated regularly!


Thanks to St Paul's

for stocking ONE!

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Thank you,

Orzo Coffee!

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Thank you!