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By paul, Dec 19 2012 08:22AM

John Seabright says that he was inspired by David Hockney when he did this winter landscape which features on the January 2013 pages of the One Calendar.

‘My main interest in my art work is the way that the light plays upon the landscape and the seascape," says John who was , photographed at The Connection at St-Martin-in-the-Fields Art Works exhibition on December 11.

"I’m also very fond of seascape paintings and I like to paint really large paintings not tiny ones.’ ‘For the background for this painting I did a fare bit of blending the paint so as to get that really lovely pinky purpley bluey atmosphere in the distance. But it’s quite an unusual painting if you look at it because it draws your eye down this path and if you look at it they are just lines really, they don’t look like trees at all really except in the foreground of the painting.’

John, who was born in London and grew up in Warwickshire, says he has been painting for 18 years. ‘I live in a hostel for homeless people – it’s called St Mungo’s Harrow Road. I’ve been there about six years now.’

He used to work for Social Services but when he was working he didn’t have much time to paint. He says that some of this painting was done at Connections, where he has painted with the art group for five years, the rest was done at his home in Paddington. At Connections, he says ‘you are working with other artists and they give you ideas too. We all encourage each other as.’

His art has been in the homeless art magazine Homeless Diamonds and three years ago one was hung in the Museum of London.

From each £9.99 One Calendar sold, £4.50 goes to art groups for art supplies, £1.20 has gone to the artists featured in the calendar, £3.50 goes to printing and 80 pence to production. 1,000 calendars were printed in this inaugural year.

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